Digital Art since 1992


Pioneer of digital art, H.P. Kolb startet his business in 1983 with analogue illustrations. Since 1992 he has become digital. He has become a true master in digital fantasy images, creating all kinds of fantasy worlds.

Portrait H.P.Kolb

H.P. Kolb is an digital artist in 2d / 3d graphics, a photographer and tattoo artist. Inspired by nature, he is creating a world of fantasy. Combining photos from all over the world with hand drawn elements, he creates imopressive artworks.

He is a pioneer in digital art. Started his own business in 1983 with analogue hand made illustrations and airbrush. Since 1992 he went fully digital and created his unique style, he called it "digital airbrush". Even with the minimal functionality of the first versions of adobe photoshop, and the low specs of early computers, he was able to be ahead of his time and created impressive pieces of art.

This site is mainly for the crypto art and NFT, but if you want to see more of his portfolio, please check out on or his tattoo portfolio on