Digital Art since 1992

A pioneer in
Digital artwork

H.P. Kolb is a master in digital airbrush since the early days of digital imaging! Started his business in 1983 with analogue illustrations, moving to fully digital with Adobe Photoshop 1.0 in 1992.
A world of fantasy compressed in visionary images of pure imagination!

In 2022 H.P.Kolb is going NFT.

March 18, 2023


H.P.Kolb at Foundation.App

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Minted NFTs

My first NFT
on Opensea

Phönix    Metamorphosis NFT

Phönix Metamorphosis.
Click the image to view the animated version at opensea.

I have minted my first ever NFT on Open Sea.

The phoenix stands vor death and reincarnation. Something that appears to be lost shine in new glory. It's all about something new is emerging.

Samsung and
Nifty Gateway

8K Ready


Samsung and Nifty Gateway cooperation.
Samsung and Nifty Gateway are going to cooperate to bring NFT Art to the latest Samsung TVs in 8K.

That's a message I have been waiting all my life for.
Because my art is available in resolutions up to 10000px we are more than ready for 8K!
Because size matters! We are ready for maximum quality!

NEW: Skull Collection

Skulls of Fantasy - Opensea collection

Since all times the skull and crossbones still triggers a bad feeling in most people because you automatically think of death, want to I use my skulls to narrow the gap between disgust and admiration. Death is our constant companion and we should deal with it as such, with respect and dignity. To combine the most diverse morbid materials, structures and smooth, shiny surfaces into a harmonious overall picture has always been a passion of mine.